Stacey E. Soeldner Psy.D.


Dr. Soeldner creates a confidential, safe, and caring atmosphere in which patients can explore life’s difficulties, Her honesty, integrity, and empathy allow patients to feel understood and listened to starting with their first session. She is aware that life is often a difficult puzzle, and she believes that collaboratively she can assist patients to put the pieces back together.

Clinically, Dr Soeldner believes a comprehensive individualized psychotherapeutic technique is imperative for long-lasting psychological change. She utilizes Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Interpersonal Therapy to enable patients to explore their difficulties while providing them with practical skills to utilize in their daily lives. To facilitate and ensure positive therapeutic outcome in treating children and adolescents, Dr. Soeldner believes that family involvement is an integral part of her treatment regimen. She empowers parents by providing them with innovative psychological tools to assist them in guiding their children and adolescents towards positive attitudinal and behavioral change.

Dr. Soeldner also acknowledges that a strong parental relationship is the foundation for a healthy family. She is certified in Pre-Marital and Marital Assessment. She assists couples who are deciding to make a marital commitment with logical problem-solving and decision-making strategies. For already committed couples, Dr. Soeldner provides specific relationship enhancing techniques associated with instructional materials to reinforce the commitment these couples have already established.

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